Manufacturing high quality solid wood furniture is Goodwood Interiors’ specialty. Every year we develop one or two new collections which we present at the Jakarta International Furniture show. We are constantly pushing ourselves to improve our quality and to extend our collections. As an Indonesian furniture manufacturer in Jepara for more than 20 years, we have developed thousands of designs.

As a leading furniture manufacturer we give our customers the possibility to develop custom made furniture, especially for projects. We offer qualified Indonesian Teak wood, Mindi wood, Mahogany wood and natural rattan. Our highly skilled craftsmanship, managerial expertise and knowledge on construction is our key to develop long lasting commercial relationships with our recurring customer all over the world.

Below is a small selection of our custom made furniture that we have developed last year. We do not like to say “no” to new business opportunities and our passionate service, quick communication and great flexibility gives us the ability to develop a wide range of our customers' needs.

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