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  • The number of households in Australia is projected to rise from 8,196.6 thousand in 2017 to 9,160.3 thousand by 2022, representing growth at a CAGR of 1.8% during 2017-2022. The residential sector generated most of the demand for custom made furniture for various needs.

  • Growth in the economy's establishments and luxurious hotels in the country resulted in increased demand for high-end furniture, including beds, wardrobes, and other furniture to be installed within the premises.

  • The inflow of multinational companies in Australia has increased the demand for fully furnished offices in the country, thus increasing office furniture demand.

All of the above indicates the rise in the Furniture & Floorings industry in Australia as they witness growth at an unprecedented rate. The retailers and wholesalers of the country are looking to meet this demand via custom made furniture, but meet them with the best products available to cater to the varied taste of the people of Australia—region wise. We can assist the retailers and wholesalers in meeting those demands efficiently and profitably.

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Founded in 1995, Goodwood is a B2B furniture manufacturer and supplier situated in Indonesia. The company is renowned for delivering top designer brand furniture retailers and wholesalers worldwide and are proud pioneers of Indonesia’s burgeoning furniture industry. They are now on the Australian shores to offer the best custom-made furniture and custom-designed furniture.


As per our research, modern and contemporary furniture forms are Australia’s favorite interior décor choice. More rural areas prefer the country style, Cape Cod Style; from our research, people who live on the East coastline near Brisbane & Sidney, lean towards Hamptons styled furniture, while younger generations lean towards Scandinavian and Industrial styles. We are armed with the best products catering to quality indoor furniture, garden furniture, outdoor dining furniture, and wall paneling to Australian customers at the most affordable prices.




Perfection is non-negotiable.


Our collections are chiefly high-end solid wood furniture, ranging from quality teak wood furniture to mindi wood furniture, rattan furniture to mahogany wood furniture. Goodwood for several years was and still is to this day very well-known, particularly on our quality for finely sanded unfinished teak furniture. Having a peek at our catalog, you can see our position in this field is truly unmatched.


As retailers and wholesalers looking to offer the most distinct furniture globally, with the option to build their own custom exclusive collection as well as browse through the catalog options, Goodwood Furniture’s is the first stop. Our furniture implies unusual, frequently handcrafted creations that are often one-of-a-kind. You will find intricacy and attention to detail in our high-end furniture that does not exist in cookie-cutter; factory produced counterparts. We ensure our partners with furniture inspired by stories of each country and how those stories have transformed into legacies.

The faces of our production team consist of manufacturing & construction QCs, final QCs and finally a head of production. First thing every morning we hold a meeting discussing container scheduling, quality and operations. This ensures us everything is rolling smoothly and on time.

Goodwood has 6 departments in our production process, nothing moves to the next department without being signed off and fully QC'd by the head of that department. This ensures we catch any faults early without hampering on lead time. With a total of 6 departments and QC checks at every stage, as well as the primary stage of checking in construction, secondary repair check and ultimately followed through our very strong of final QCs, we have 9 quality control checks before anything goes in the container this is unparalleled to any manufacturer and what's makes us significantly higher in quality.


The team of quality controls with our production manager is truly an unmatched dynamic. With a return rate of 0,28% in 2019 we clearly stand as one of the leading organiz for quality levels of competing furniture suppliers in Indonesia and leading our way to becoming the best furniture manufacturer in Indonesia, a vision we share collectively at Goodwood.

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HALL A-076

Every year Goodwood participates in Indonesia's well known furniture trade show, IFEX. We will always be showcasing a minimum of two new collections as well as a mix of our more established collections. We look forward to welcoming you to our stand.





PT. Goodwood Interior

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Tel:  +62 29 142 981 77

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