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February 18, 2018

10 Ideas To Decorate Homes With Wood Wall Panels:

You see them everywhere: Teak Wood Wall Panels. Wooden walls have aesthetically, environmental and practical benefits. Teak wood cladding is a natural material that is naturally attractive in terms of grain and colour. Wood wall panels made of teak come in different styles and textures, satisfying everyone’s needs. Wall paneling creates a positive atmosphere to an area.

Here are just a few example for you to see the many possible applications of wood wall panels.  

Recycled or Reclaimed Teak?

Last years, the wood wall covering panels for interiors design have gained a lot of popularity around the world. The wooden wall panels are normally made of recycled or reclaimed teak wood in Indonesia. Reclaimed teak wood is wood that has been used in old traditional Javanese Houses or Javanese fishing boats. The recycled teak wall panels are made of wood cut-offs of the furniture production.

Jepara is the capital for Indonesia’s teak furniture production. As a result, Jepara offers tons of teak wood cut-offs that are of high quality teak wood but too small to use for making furniture. Therefore it is an excellent and economic material to use and recycle for making teak wood-cladding. Jepara is located in Java and is the heart of Indonesia’s teak furniture production.

Who Wants Wood Bugs In Their Panel?

There is one important issue that must be understood well. You should always buy wall panels made of wood that is not vulnerable to wood bugs. There are some wood wall panel manufacturers in Indonesia that offer very cheap wood paneling, but they use the waste wood from for example suar wood table production, mahogany or other types of wood where there is a very high risk of wood bugs. Feel free to buy, but be aware of the risk of having wood bugs in your house later.

Our advice is to only buy 3D wall panels that are made of teak. Teak wood is naturally resistant to wood insects. Even though teak has this natural characteristic, it is always a good idea to treat the wood once again to minimize the risk.

How Are Wood Wall Panels Made?

There are many different ways how solid wood wall panel manufacturers in Indonesia produce 3D wood cladding. There are three main methods:

  1. Glue the wood on triplex
  2. Glue all pieces of wood onto each other
  3. Glue the wood on polyester net

What you want to buy is wood-cladding that has been glued on polyester nets. If you buy wall panels that are glued on triplex, there is a high risk that the triplex will start bending. Also, triplex is more expensive compared to polyester nets and a lot thicker, causing a lot of wasted space inside the container (read= extra transportation costs).  Some manufacturers glue all the wood together without using nets or triplex. Using this method, the risks for visible glue stains is very high.

Very important is the accuracy of cutting the wood that is used for wood wall panels. If the manufacturer for the wall covering panels does not use very accurate cutting machines, it will result in low quality panels with big gaps within the panels.

IMPORTANT: Is The Wood Kiln Dried?

Your wood wall panel manufacturer should killn dry the wood before production. This is maybe the most important part of the production process. If the wood in not killn dried, it will result in visible holes after assembling in your home as the wood will shrink during the drying process. Besides, you will have the risk of having mold on your panels after you unpack the box if the wood is still wet. Killn drying the wood also helps to kill any wood bugs or the eggs.

“I Want Wood Panels”: Where Can I Buy Them?

Goodwood Interiors, located in Jepara (Indonesia), offers a great variety of recycled teak wood wall panels. Goodwood Interiors is one of Indonesia’s main teak wall panel manufacturers. We recycle teak using the cut-offs of Jepara’s teak furniture production.

With years of experience, our own production facility and large a production capacity, we are able to help many different customer with their needs for premium wood cladding.  

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